Accountants for Builders

Instantly increase your take home pay by 18%, without you working any harder and without affecting any cash work you might do.

How can I earn more money?

That’s a question that must get asked every day. But it’s the wrong question!

The real question should be:

“How do I get more from doing exactly what I’m doing now?”

…Well, you can!

We can instantly increase your take home pay by 18%, without you working any harder and without affecting any cash work you might do.

We can do this because we’re specialist accountants for the construction trade. And we’re already doing it people like you.

Ok, we’re the first to admit that when someone says the words ‘Accountants for Builders’ then that’s about as interesting as looking at spreadsheets. But stick with us for a minute because there’s an important point – we’re not saying we’ll save you money, we’re saying we’ll increase your take home pay!

It’s all about how we set you up as a company.

If you don’t already have a limited company, and you earn over £30k a year then you probably need one. We can form a limited company for you, which will enable you to take money out of your firm in a far more tax efficient way, increasing your take home pay by up to 18%.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Being limited also means that you ‘limit your liabilities’. Put simply, this means that if something goes wrong on a project and you end up having to pay out, it’s only the assets of your company that can be chased. All your personal things are protected, so you keep your home and everything you’ve worked for safe.

Not only that but as a limited company builder, you can claim tax relief on a number of costs for your business. For more information about expenses, our sister company Brian Alfred can help.

Removing the hassle

But that’s not all. Time is the one thing we all need more of and ClearSky Business can save you and your family a load of it, by taking over the hassle of your accounts paperwork. Leaving you free to chase the important things in life.

Already limited?

If you ARE already a limited company – then you should still talk to us. ClearSky Business has been helping people in the construction trade for years and we honestly believe that no one really understands the building industry like we do.

From as little as £60 per month, your new personal accountant can take over from your current accountant with no fuss. They’ll take care of things like PAYE, CIS Refunds, Companies House & HMRC compliance as well as your self-assessment tax returns, leaving you free to get on with doing what you do best.

It’s what we down to earth accountants for builders in the trade call a NO-BRAINER.

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