Inheritance tax

Getting you set up for the future

We know it’s not the cheeriest of subjects but it definitely pays to plan for what will happen with your money when you are no longer around. We are sure you want your family to get the maximum value from your estate, rather than leaving it all to the tax man.

But it is a complex area thanks to the reliefs and exemptions that can be used to minimise your Inheritance Tax liabilities. Step in ClearSky Business. Your own personal accountant will look at your assets and let you know how you can reduce your liability. It’s that simple and you can be sure that the advice is specific to you.

Find out how our tax experts can help ensure your loved ones aren’t facing a large tax bill in the future. For a no obligation quote, simply call us today on 08000 149 597 or request a call back.

How we can help

  • Trust tax returns and Inheritance Tax returns for individuals and trustees
  • Advice on using trusts to reduce tax liabilities
  • Leaving assets to family members
  • Advice on wills and gifts
  • Act as an executor for a will, a trustee for a trust or an attorney on a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Review life assurance and pension policies for tax efficiency