Why SME owners should switch off for the holidays

Whether you’re dusting off the Christmas decorations or pulling up a deck chair on the beach, choosing to take time off during the holidays gives SME owners a much needed break.

However, many business owners don’t end up taking a break because they struggle to leave their business. In fact, 76% of small business owners have sacrificed holidays to “keep their business running smoothly”.

Running a business doesn’t mean you don’t deserve time out like everyone else. Not convinced? Here are some benefits for switching off for the holidays:

New perspectives


When you’re constantly working on something it can be hard to gain perspective when you’re so close to the project. Stepping back and taking some time for you is a good way to come back to work refreshed and with a more open mind. Time out from the day-to-day running of your business may also let you look into new ventures to help with the progression of your small business

Better work-life balance


It can be easy to get bogged down with work especially as a SME owner, but you need to make sure you remember there’s a world outside the office. Get to those family occasions, see your friends you haven’t seen in months or just do something you love. This is the perfect time to recuperate and come back positive about your business.

Test your business


A business can be like someone’s baby, but letting go every so often and giving your employees the chance to shine is a great way to test the strength of the business, and give your employees more responsibility. This could not only open up the business to new creative ideas, but improve morale amongst the workforce.

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